About the Person Centred Framework

The Person-centred Thinking Task Team’s goal is to enhance the lives of people experiencing disability through the promotion and encouragement of person-centred thinking and person-centred cultures of support.

Person centred culture is rooted in a common set of beliefs, values and behaviours in which it is clear and evident that people direct and are at the forefront of their own lives. Supporting all people to have choice and control, meaningful relationships and a full community life where their gifts and contributions are welcomed and celebrated is at the heart of a person centred culture.

Individuals Served

  • Connectedness I feel a sense of belonging with those around me; have a close circle of friends and feeling companionship. I feel valued by those in my life.
  • Empowered & Inspired My voice is heard and my choices are respected. I am supported in my journey to achieve my personal goals and dreams.
  • Community Inclusion I am included and experience comfort in knowing that I have the ability to engage in meaningful activities without barriers; to participate fully in community life.
  • Shared Beliefs & Values I am supported by someone who shares similar interests and values in life.
  • Visionary Leadership I have the ability to explore my dreams and know there is someone to advocate and support me in doing so.
  • Self-Determination I have choice and control over my life.
  • Collaboration I know my support team will engage with any and all possible supports and services that could help me achieve my goals.
  • Continuous Learning I have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of life experiences and learning opportunities.
  • Inter-Dependence I want to be with others; not afraid of people with whom I live; not afraid to go outside; feel relaxed in interactions with others. I feel like people in my life need me as much as I need them.
  • Satisfaction I am recognized as a person and feel a sense of pride; I am comfortable expressing personal gifts, talents and satisfaction with life.
  • Personal Outcomes I define my own goals by exploring opportunities and discovering hopes and dreams. I am supported to work toward my goals and have a feeling of inner harmony and spiritual well being.
  • Approved Private
    Service Homes

APSH Approved Private Service Homes

  • Connectedness Everyone in our home is part of our extended family and active in community.
  • Empowered & Inspired Having the ability to support all the goals and dreams of the people residing in my home and knowing I am making a difference in their life.
  • Community Inclusion Supporting the people residing in my home as full participants of community, whatever that may be to them.
  • Shared Beliefs & Values Sharing common values and supporting the interests that enrich the lives of everyone in my household.
  • Visionary Leadership Nurturing opportunities for people to experience family and community life; modeling opportunities that have the potential to enrich the lives of other community members.
  • Self-Determination Fostering an environment that supports individual choice and self expression.
  • Collaboration Valuing working collaboratively together with an individual’s family, friends and personal support network.
  • Continuous Learning Provided opportunity and willingness to seek out and engage in personal growth and life-long learning.
  • Inter-Dependence Relationships with all family members (Provider and Individuals Family) are mutually supportive; feeling safe and valued by those in your family network; relationships are based on dignity and respect.
  • Satisfaction Feeling that I am utilizing your strengths and abilities to contribute to, and have an impact on, the lives of the people supported.
  • Personal Outcomes Hopes and dreams of an individual and their family are embraced and actualized; individuals are supported to live the life that they choose.
  • Family
    Support Network

Family Support Network

  • Connectedness Actively involved in the life of their family member; feels welcomed and invited to be a part of their life.
  • Empowered & Inspired Feeling as a valued member of the support team; life experience and knowledge is respected.
  • Community Inclusion Family and friends are encouraged to nurture and expand on the individual’s existing relationships and community connections.
  • Shared Beliefs & Values The values of the family are respected and reflected in the support provided.
  • Visionary Leadership Being a part of the journey in exploring the hopes and dreams of their family member.
  • Self-Determination Feeling comfortable expressing opinions; respecting the choices of their loved one.
  • Collaboration Confident in knowing the support team will engage in any and all possible supports and services that could help achieve their family member’s goals.
  • Continuous Learning Educational opportunities are valued.
  • Inter-Dependence Relationships are mutually supportive; family, neighbourhood and community connections are nurtured and embraced.
  • Satisfaction Satisfied that their family member is thriving in community; respecting that their family member has choice and control of their own life.
  • Personal Outcomes Having a voice and contributing to the actualization of the hopes and dreams of their family member.
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